vegitated seaside village of Old Epidavros


Epidaurus Greece

“Epidaurus” is a city located in In the Argolis prefecture of the Peloponnese. It was named after the hero Epidauros, son of Apollo. Epidaurus is best known for its sanctuary, the Asclepeion, with its theatre. The sanctuary was the most celebrated healing centre of the Classical world. Ill people spent the night and, in their dreams, the god Apollo himself would advise how to regain their health. The ancient theatre of Epidaurus was designed in the 4th century BC, by Polykleitos the Younger. It has 55 rows and can seat up to 14,000 people and it is a unique artistic achievement, mainly because of its integration into the landscape and the selection of materials, which enhance its exceptional acoustics, another aspect the theatre is famous for, as the actors can be perfectly heard by all spectators.

The theater

The Theater is the best-preserved ancient theatre in Greece. The famous Epidavria Festival, which is now known as the Athens Epidaurus Festival is held every summer, presenting famous ancient dramas or modern plays.  The theatre of Epidaurus was built to provide patients of the sanctuary with theatrical performances as part of their therapy. It is the place Psychagogia, the greek term for entertainment, was born.

Unesco registered the Theater as a World Heritage Site and now people from all around the world seize the opportunity to admire this masterpiece of architecture, surrounded by natural beauty, enjoying the calmness, and even enjoy a play, living a holistic experience.